KIRO 7: Washington gov. signs overhaul of medical marijuana market

"Nearly two decades after voters passed a medical marijuana law that often left police, prosecutors and even patients confused about what was allowed, Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill Friday attempting to clean up that largely unregulated system and harmonize it with Washington's new market for recreational pot."

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Associated Press: Willie Nelson becomes latest celebrity in marijuana business

"'Like other industries, branding and creative marketing is a big part of supporting legal cannabis products,' said Vicki Christophersen, director of the Washington CannaBusiness Association."

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The Olympian: Inslee should sign marijuana reforms

"Washington lawmakers finally forged a grand compromise on the state’s unfolding experiment with legal marijuana."

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Making marijuana into a legitimate business

The BBC covers the challenges facing the regulated cannabis marketplace in Washington State, including interviewing Green Theory's Tera Martin, member of the Washington CannaBusiness Association, and Senator Rivers, sponsor of the Cannabis Patient Protection Act.

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Critical updates needed in state marijuana laws

"Washington's experiment with legal recreational marijuana is 'teetering on the brink' of a market failure. That is the candid assessment of Hayden Woodard, a state-licensed grower in Dallesport who hasn’t given himself a paycheck in a year."

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Inside Olympia covers Cannabis Patient Protection Act

Austin Jenkins on TVW's Inside Olympia  interviews WACA member Angela Jayo and key elected representatives to discuss the need for a safe, quality-controlled and regulated cannabis marketplace.

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The Columbian: Guest Post on Cannabis Chronicles

"The Washington CannaBusiness Association (WACA) is the only organization of its kind in Washington state comprised solely of 502-licensed producers, processors and retailers of cannabis. With members from urban and rural areas across the state, WACA is working to ensure safe, quality-controlled products for all consumers and a single, regulated system for the entire cannabis marketplace."

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WACA featured in Seattle Times article

"...A group of recreational producers, processors and retailers are lining up behind the Rivers proposal. Organized as the Washington Cannabusiness Association (WACA) it has a seasoned lobbyist, Vicki Christophersen, as its executive director.

As with any regulated industry, she said, 'there needs to be consistency in application across the state.'

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Seattle Times: Analysis of cannabis tax system

"The leading proposal to emerge this session to regulate the industry is the Cannabis Patient Protection Act, or SB 5052, which would license medical-marijuana stores, and mandate testing of the medical products."

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The News Tribune: A second chance to get medical marijuana right

"The Senate has approved a strong bill that promises to wring the profiteering and quackery out of what had been — pre-toleration — a humane and narrowly tailored state policy. If it isn’t weakened in the House, Senate Bill 5052 could return medical marijuana to its original focus: bona fide patients, not common pot users and dealers."

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Wenatchee World: Proposed marijuana reforms on tap for state lawmakers

"The Washington CannaBusiness Association is supporting four bills in the State Legislature, that, if approved, would ease the emerging recreational marijuana industries’ biggest challenges."

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Associated Press: Coverage of Cannabis Patient Protection Act filing

“‘This levels the marketplace for all those businesses who have taken steps to participate in the regulated, taxed industry, so that they’re not unfairly burdened,’ said association spokeswoman Lynsee Swisher. ‘It’s important that we have one regulated system with the same background checks and traceability and security and the testing of the product.'”

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