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WACA is committed to engaging with local communities, elected officials and regulators to protect public safety and uphold community values that help keep cannabis away from kids. For responsible adults over the age of 21, WACA is deeply involved in developing standards for cannabis products that are safer for patients and non-patients.

The emerging, regulated cannabis and hemp industries are still misunderstood by some. WACA works tirelessly to ensure its members acknowledge and embrace their responsibility to follow the law, earn public trust, and collaborate to strengthen the system that protects consumers and communities alike.


Social Equity

As we enter the 2021 Legislative Session and as the Social Equity in Cannabis Task Force continues its critical effort, the Washington CannaBusiness Association (WACA) reemphasizes its support of the important work underway to address systemic inequity in the cannabis industry and shares a number of potential pathways for the Task Force and the legislature to consider in support of its goals.

We have developed in good faith a position paper on Social Equity in Cannabis with a goal of capturing our experience in the regulated market since the passage of Initiative 502 so it can be used for its best and highest purpose to support the work of the Social Equity in Cannabis Task Force, as they see fit. 

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