Who We Are

WACA represents Washington's licensed and regulated cannabis businesses. WACA provides its members with general support and representation before regulatory agencies and the legislature.

As an association of cannabis producers, processors and retailers who have gathered to promote the private cannabis industry created by Initiative 502 and our member companies, our mission is to advocate on behalf of our member companies in the legislative, regulatory, legal and public policy arenas.

WACA is the only trade association that provides direct support and advocacy at the state and local level to the licensed cannabis industry. While others have meetings and talk to themselves, WACA gets things done. Our track record speaks for itself.

WACA has a dedicated, professional team that provides the following:

  • statewide and proven effective lobbying efforts at the legislature, Governors' office and regulatory agencies
  • A robust program focused on building our members relationships with elected officials, including a "Day on the Hill". This last session our members met with over 60 members of the legislature. In addition, our members provided testimony at every hearing on important cannabis legislation.
  • Dedicated local government lobbyists focusing on improving the business climate in Washington state across all local jurisdictions
  • Dedicated public relations staff focused on helping our members establish their presence in their local community as well as helping the industry shape it's public profile across the state. WACA members have been featured in most mainstream media as we work to develop a public profile for the 502 industry.
  • At least two conferences per year with dedicated access to regulators, elected officials, and professionals that are focused on helping 502 businesses succeed.
  • Social events around the state providing members the opportunity to interact with each other and their local elected officials.
  • And so much more.....find out more about membership by emailing [email protected] or click here.